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Tarot: A Deep Spiritual Journey
By Something Deeper
5/26 9:58am EDT
Upcoming Bar Mitzvah Provides Yet Another Opportunity to Knit
By She Loves to Knit 6/8 7:53pm EDT
I will be the first to say that many Bar Mitzvah parties are way over the top, that they lose the meaning of the ceremony itself -- the taking on of adult responsibilities as a Jew, the recongition of this rite of passage, the transmission of faith and community from generation to generation -- but when you have seen your child commit themselves to study and preparation for all of these months, believe me, you want to celebrate that with your family and your friends and you want him (or her) to feel fantastic about their achievements! Rock on Zack!
If 'Saved' Presents Many Christians as Intolerant Hypocrites, More Power To IT
By Jamie 6/4 2:53pm EDT
I will agree that the movie looks like it stereotypes Christian teens as hypocritical, judgemental, and just plain mean, but the truth is that a lot of them are. Spend a bit of time around a youth group in an upper middle class church or Christian private school and I’m sure you’ll leave with a whole new understanding of what life for a “different” kid in that environment would be like. I have spent enough time working with youth to know that youth groups and Christian schools aren’t exactly the most accepting and loving places in the world. If you think that the criticisms in this movie are somehow unfair or unfounded then you need a bit of a reality check.
Afterlife Oddly Familiar
By Freestone 6/2 5:52pm EDT
I have been there before, especially the last 10 to 15 months. I "load" images of my "real" high school into my dream too, or at least what occurs is that a place there REMINDS me of some place in my Interlaken NY 1959 high school: after all, one can really see best an object that associates with something Known!
Fancy Rhetoric of Preachers Blocks View of Koran's Truth
By Idrus 6/1 11:28am EDT
At the mosque last evening where I usually went to pray the Magrib prayer... I notice that there are few and fewer people attending the mosque for prayer.... I notice the mosque would be full of people when there are some 'religious' preacher come to give talks.... I have listen to some of these talks and found that it is more of rhetoric then substance.... So after attending a few of these talks.... I felt that it is not worth my time to listen to such rhetoric.... Which to me in the long run do not bring any good to Islam but in a way would create more misunderstanding, thus unhealthy for the development of the pure teaching of Islam..... It is because of listening to this rhetoric that people get carried away and eventually became extremist... And it is this extremist that had tarnished and corrupt the teaching of Islam....
Tugs at the Heartstrings Pull Away From God
By Katie 5/24 8:44pm EDT
Even though I prayed so hard all day every day that I would follow God and not let my heart take off on me...even though I thought I was keeping my feet on the ground...I was experiencing a fairy tale come true or so I thought(I was swept away quickly) was decieving me. Fairy tales don't come true. This is life. It's cold, hard, and heartbreaking and we can only hope for the joy that comes when we are in eternity with God. That should be my focus...not on things that are romance.
Family Complicates View of Mideast Peace
By Steve 5/24 8:40pm EDT
The hardest thing I have had to learn is that I should never pass up a good opportunity to shut my mouth. My sister is in still in Israel, protesting and acting on behalf of the helpless palestinians. I truly love my sister and more than anything pray for her safety. I have previously posted about her efforts there. Her latest post from Ramallah really shows her heart for the palestinians in the camps, but I still have trouble feeling sympathetic toward those who would strap explosives on a 6-year old and send him into a restaurant or to a bus stop.
Karma Gives Dr. Phil Patient One Last Chance
By Karma Girl 5/14 4:14pm EDT
When you have a major, life-altering revelation, when you've learned something BIG about yourself or how the world works, you release a HUGE surge of energy, and, as always, karma responds by sending you something similar to what you were projecting (and usually SOON). Be aware that this is going to happen, because, if you FAIL to implement your new concepts to deal with what karma sends you, karma gets into a loop where you'll keep getting the same sort of chance over and over again until you get it right... only then do all the energies balance out and "close the case."
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