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They Grow Up Way Too Fast... Put Them Back In There!
By Jamie
5/17 2:34pm EDT
Horrible Father Loses Baby-Naming Privileges
By Bianca 7/3 2:15pm EDT
Anyway he said that the name was fine as long as he gets to name the next one! You presume too much darling...there aren't going to be any more kids. I told him that after the baby is a year old and I ensure viability that I'm getting my tubes tied. Yep! That's exactly what I said to him. I also told him that he's immature and doesn't know what he wants, and after 6 months of being at home he'll probably just get bored again and go screw around with some other bitch, so I told him that whatever he produces with that shit he can name! I can't believe I said that, but I did! I'm just so surprised at myself because I didn't even know I was thinking that until I said it! He just kept saying that he's sorry and  that he loves me.
Naming Babies
Why Girls Get the Weird Names
By Tyler Cowen 5/25 11:00am EDT
It remains a mystery why parents take more chances with the names of their baby girls. But here is the best part of the article, a paean to the leadership abilities of my parents: But that does not explain the rise of Tyler, which first appeared in the top 1,000 in the 1950s, and reached the top ten in 1992. I can remember a time when the only other "Tyler" in my mental universe was Henry Kissinger's dog.
When You Pick Your Child's Name, Consider the Sexual Consequences First
By Dan Renzi 5/24 4:40pm EDT
Dear Gwyneth Paltrow, Congratulations on your new baby daughter. And I see you decided to name her "Apple." How nice. When she's 15, I'm sure she'll really enjoy all the pubescent boys who want a taste of "Apple Pie." Rest assured, your daughter is going to be VERY popular.
Just you Wait, When I'm a Parent
By Bitter 5/24 3:39pm EDT
My boyfriend (who's mother would be very disturbed to hear that I don't have a maternal instinct in my body) thinks I should market my plans to raise potentially liberal children. It's a simple principle, treat them like liberals the moment they start to say left-leaning things. I promise that they will always vote conservative if you do it.
Bible Verse About Honoring Parents Knocks Sense Into Wayward Teens
By Ryno 5/22 9:15pm EDT
well, i almost got my ears pierced last night, and it seems everyone wants to hear the tale.... here goes.. jake and i were at the mall yesterday, just walking around, looking at stuff.. we bought some clothes, got some food. all of a sudden, we were like," hey dude, let's pierce our ears!!!" so we call our friends trying to find out which ear is the 'straight" one, and where we could get it done.... but we called our moms and they said no, and after much arguing, we decided to do it when we turn eighteen...cuz as kelly says "honor your father and mother." that's the story, hope that interested you
Taking Our Hyper Kiddo Off Medication Just Another Brilliant Plan by the Ex
By HB622 5/17 1:56pm EDT
From third grade on, DD was constantly having problems. Not paying attention, daydreaming, problems with homework. We finally had her evaluated and she was diagnosed with ADHD and put on meds. DH refused to believe that his darling daughter had any problems and took her off meds. From then on, I was at the school's office at least once a week. DD started lying, cutting school, running around with kids who were drinking, smoking and doing drugs. Oh, yay. Like I knew how to handle this behavior!
Lack of Father Figure Harmed Mother's Childhood
By E-Scout 5/11 7:07pm EDT
"Mommy, who's your daddy?" Emma asked recently. I paused for a minute before answering simply, "His name is Rick." That was plenty for her. I honestly wish my Mom and I have the relationship I have with him. There isn't one.
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