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Yesterday I Ate Two Bananas and Much, Much More
By Bhd
6/13 4:40pm EDT
Gunshot Wound Attracts Unwanted Attention
By Thor 6/2 4:37pm EDT
Every time I see a new medical worker I either have to take my shirt off or get X-rays. I guess they do not mean any harm but I am sick and tired of being expected to entertain them with the story of how I got the scars or why they see what seems to be a million lead flakes whenever they take a chest X-ray!
Malaysia Has the Widest Variety of Malaysian Food Around
By Idrus 6/1 12:18pm EDT
Makan in Malay mean to eat and makanan is foods and since Malaysian love to eat all the time, when you are here you would often hear Malaysian say " lets go for makan " ... For eating is a pastime and is part of our culture..... You named it and we have it here.... For Malaysia is a melting pots of the world cuisine especially the Asian cuisine.... The next time you visit Malaysia do try the Malaysian foods....
Buying Weights Enough of a Workout For Now
By Cal 5/25 3:23pm EDT
Right...that's it. This time I mean it - like all the other times I meant it! I'm going to loose weight this year and get toned up. So I made another one of my impulse buys. I bought some weights the kind you wear round your writst or ankles and that are supposed to tone you up. At the least they can't do any harm and I could do with building up my left arm which still feels a bit weak after the operation. And who knows, in a few weeks, there may be a whole new toned me!
Easily Sunburned White Boy Wishes That Overly Sunny World Had a Place for Him
By Another Dye Job 5/24 4:50pm EDT
i am the palest person in the entire world. i'm either bright red or i'm albino-like. now i had to work yesterday, and it was really cold, so i didn't think that the sun would be shining all that bright. newflash! omg, my face is like, on fire. you could fry a tomato on it, if you wanted to. it's all stiff, and my arms are pink too, then this burn will fade back into the paleness of my life, i just can't win. i wish that i could actually tan, naturally. i've been told by like five different people that if i keep burning as bad as i have been, i'm going to have skin cancer before i'm thirty. i just wish that i could go somewhere, and not end up looking like a burning building.
Globalization Tastes Delicious With Rare and Priceless Eco-Friendly Plantain Chips
By Karma Chick 5/17 2:24pm EDT
I've discovered one of the tastiest snacks in the world, and it's something that's not only unusual (which is cool) but ecologically friendly too (which is VERY cool); they're called Paisanitos Plantain Chips, and we got them at Whole Foods (other health food stores might have them, too). I wish I could describe the flavor of these chips, but it's like trying to tell someone who's never even seen a potato what a potato chip tastes like; just trust me that they're crunchier and with a better flavor than any potato chip ever made (and yes, I DO love potato chips).
First Attempt At Smoking Pot Has No Effect
By Yuri 5/16 3:20pm EDT
I tried pot for the first time in my life and actually I didn't notice anything super cool in it, maybe because it was my first time and they say that to feel something, you need to do it more. Anyway, the party was cool and I had so much fun!!
Self-Mutilation Shows Drive and Determination
By Totalitarianism Today 5/15 2:29pm EDT
I have a friend who cuts herself. In my efforts to understand her habit, I find myself understanding a lot more about our social milieu and norms. The practice of self-mutilation is more common among young teenage females than any other demographic group. Some theorists even believe that self-mutilation prevents a few of its practitioners from losing complete control of their lives and behavior. So why is self-mutilation so shocking to parents and teachers? What seems so ethically repugnant about it? An Austenian notion of "sensibility" perhaps?
Homeless Entrepreneur Offers Creatine for Change
By Cookie 5/14 5:42pm EDT
Yesterday, while I was coming out of a Target, some guy asks me for change for the bus because he wants to get out of the rain. That's normal enough. I notice he's holding two bottles of something in his hands. I look at the bottles and he says, "I'd be glad to trade you these bottles of creatine for some change." Creatine?? He has no money for the bus ($1.25), but he has creatine? I can only assume that he recently stole these bottles that he so eagerly wishes to trade. Or, maybe he thinks I look like I was about to work out right now!! I have been losing weight, but come on!
South Beach Vegan Takes a Break
By Milliqat 5/11 10:55pm EDT
I'm down to 124 pounds, and I continue to lose, but at a slower pace because I'm simply eating close to maintenance. For me, maintenance calories seem to be about 1850 a day, and I'm eating about 1600. That translates to a half a pound of fat loss a week. I look pretty good at this weight, and though I know I will look even better at 120, I'm just not motivated to get there full-steam ahead. I'm still doing the South Beach Diet, but definitely as Phase II (meaning I eat whole grains and fruits), and I don't worry about the occasional potato, white pasta, or even sweet treat. Just so long as, on average, I'm eating below maintenance in any given week, I'm happy.
If You Ever Considered Planting Soybeans and Corn, Now's the Time!
By Michael 5/14 5:29pm EDT
SOYBEAN APHIDS Facts to know: 1. They are roughly the size of a pinhead or smaller. Need a magnifying lens to see their distinctness. 2. They can also transmit virus diseases like soybean dwarf mosaic. 3. They thrive when temperatures are cool, 68-75 degrees Fahrenheit. 4. They can produce 18 generations a year. Phew! Very fertile!

The Fastest Eater in Liverpool Not Sure He Wants That Distinction
By Rhys Wynne 5/17 2:05pm EDT
For anybody who knows me and ever seen me eat will know one thing: I am a [explective] fast eater. I can put down a foot long subway in short of about 10 minutes, and I once ate a pizza in 5 minutes. Basically, if you invite me out for dinner, don't expect it to take very long. Unfortuantely, it's a curse, as it can - and has done - make me ill, and has turned me into a fat bastard. Will I enter the competition? Not sure. I don't want to be labelled as "Liverpool's Fastest Eater", and the competition is quite late at night. Plus, I didn't grab what the prize was. But my worst fear? The fact that you have to eat 3 cans of Hunger Breaks.
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