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While Friend Goes Homeless, I have a Dream Home
By Claudia
6/18 3:28pm EDT
Highs and Lows of a Crazy Weekend
By Big DIrty 6/21 7:19pm EDT
Now I must complain about the moronic female at HH. I come in and order my usual (2 Pork Roll Egg and Cheese with Provolone and an order of fries), and instead of one of the middle eastern guys thats always in there and knows exactly what I want, this person screws up my order, not once, not twice, but several times. First, she only makes one sandwich, which I told her I wanted two. Then she puts american on instead of the provolone, and cuts the sandwich. Habib, Jerold, or whatever their names are, make them properly and DON'T CUT.
Modern British Politics in Perspective
By Professor R. Baron 6/21 7:08pm EDT
Labour's response to the 1980s was to drop much of its socialist credentials such as Clause 4, which was a tenet in the party manifesto committing itself to the nationalisation of industry. The party did this in an attempt to address what it saw as itself being unelectable, it sought not to stick to its guns but chase the electorate to the right in the hope of capturing people on the whet end of the Conservative party. Now Labour may point to this strategy achieving success in 1997 which one of the largest landslide victories ever and backed up by a consolidation in 2001.
Best Friend Is Contingency Spouse
By Szabster 6/21 7:12pm EDT
I've got a best friend who has promised to marry me at 33 if we're both still single.� Unless he changes, which some stellar girl might do to him, then that sounds like a plan to me.� But wouldn't that be a funny story to tell the kids - "Mommy and Daddy got married b/c they could stand each other and couldn't stand anyone else."� And there's the whole love "problem."�
Who Do Parents Think They Are, Your Mom or Something?
By Erica Nix 6/19 3:38pm EDT
But seriously, where do parents get off. They make you how you are, and then they seem SO frustrated by it! Sometimes I understand. For instance, just a minute ago I was walking in my backyard only wearing bra and undies. Apparantly, my father was freaking out, but he couldn't come tell me because I WAS IN MY BRA AND UNDIES! My mom came out to tell me, I laughed, but now I feel kinda bad. I guess several neighbors could see me.
Angel's Sugarbear Listening To His Heart Being Torn Apart
By Sugarbear 6/18 3:18pm EDT
I know that we can have a chance at being a wonderful couple but we need to talk for that to happen. Not push the others away. I hated how i felt when you cheated on me and lied to me everytime about it. How you changed your identity so you can go back to someone who caused all of our problems. How i dont know what else you have kept from me over our time together.

This, My Friends, is What Makes Life Worth Living
By Joe Bloggs 6/18 3:24pm EDT
They say marijuana, dope, weed skunk...whatever gets you through times of no money better than money gets you through the times with no I took it upon myself to get comfortably numb and play online chess and this evening I am going to partake in a few bottles of wine and a few more spliffs, I just thought I would let you know this because that is what blogging is all about isn't it?
Jealous Volvo Plays Dead, While Subversive Dog Owner Gains Neighbor's Respect
By Idrus 6/17 6:36pm EDT
Yesterday I did not drive the Volvo.... And sometime if you do not take it for a ride.... It just get stubborn and refuse to start.... This car is a bit moody.... I think it did not like to see me driving the new Honda, jealous I supposed.... Well actually I care for my Volvo just like I care for my Honda, I love both of it... But I just could not be driving both cars at the same time.... I watch a young girl taking her dogs for a walk... I wonder who is this young lady is... Anyway she could not be a Malay... For cultural reason Malay do not keep dogs, the Malay mostly takes cats as their pets...
How a University Journalist Made Kid Rock's Career
By Kurt Scott Hopke 6/17 5:13pm EDT
So it was another late night at the paper, and I get a phone call from Kid's publicist. He says Kid's album is really good. So I put it on. It's terrible. I tell the publicist, and he's incredulous. He then says, "Well, Kid Rock puts on a hell of a show." Really? With this music? "Wait. There's a midget involved." Well, if there's a midget involved, [expletive], I got to give a shout out to that. So I give a shout out to Kid Rock and his midget. Over the weekend, the Kid Rock show draws a sellout, and like two weeks later, Kid Rock mania is going crazy and you can't avoid hearing "Bawitdaba" on the radio, MTV and all that. I blame myself.
Yes, I Admit, I Would Use My God-Like Powers for Evil
By Karma Chick 6/17 5:58pm EDT
Part of the premise of ["Bruce Almighty"], for those who haven't seen it, is what a guy does when God gives him divine powers, and it made me think; what would *I* do if I suddenly had those sorts of powers? I'd plan a little trip to Vegas so that I could "win" enough $ to make me quietly wealthy through "clever" commodities investments. It'd occur to me that I had a variety of ways to see certain famous hotties naked with no risk of getting caught, and yes, I'd do it. Is it moral to peep? Of course not. Would that stop me from getting some illicit thrills from my "powers"? Not a chance.
Aspiring Actress None Too Happy About Friend's Sudden Fame
By The Nicolster 6/17 5:03pm EDT
OH oh oh, and then I became depressed because i watched the new show quintuplets and I guy who used to be with my same acting coach is ON IT. He is also on a wb show, and he SUCKS as an actor, I don't understand it and it angers me. Yes I should be happy, but I think it is uber unfair.
Husband Defending Liberty, Sleeping Around
By Bianca 6/16 8:13pm EDT
He was actually even talking to this E-6's wife that he works with. The (expletive) didn't know it was me and told me she had her cards done today and she saw me in them (well him anyway-LMAO). Bet she didn't see this coming...I ended up getting her number so I called her and told her that she'd better go and get her money back from the tarot lady, because she is going to need it if she wants to leave her husband for mine, because he is going to be one broke (expletive)h!! He also started talking about why he did this. He said our sexlife was not up to par. He said he was bored with it.
Um...yeah..sorry for, uh, deleting your blog
By Dave Winer and Jeneane Sesser 6/16 9:22pm EDT
This gives people basically the heads up that they were asking for. I understand that you would like to have had your site remain accessible during that period, but I just couldn't simply work that out. And you could say I should have explained it, and I could have done better, and you may be right. That I should have and I could have... it's possible... but it's also not clear to me that people wouldn't have found something else to find fault with. I mean, this is sort of the attitude on the Internet. It's sort of like people just love to jump up and down and it hardly matters how well you do something because basically certain thing happen and people will jump up and down so just accept that.
Neglecting Kids Doesn't Make you a Bad Parent
By Rain Goddess 6/16 8:18pm EDT
I think C must be well into the negative, points-wise, having totally smashed my phone during the ensuing mayhem. I am not a happy camper, and nor will he be when he realises there are consequences for our actions and has to hand over either *his* phone or the money for a relacement. We haven't got to that bit yet, it was enough hassle just to get him into bed. Which is, btw, what all the fuss was about in the first place.

Date With Self Almost Ends Tragically
By noinbetween 6/16 3:21pm EDT
things get weird when you're hanging out with yourself. ESPECIALLY if you have a stamp of approval under your eye. so i'll give you a picture story of my night: it started out real lame-like with me sniffing some flowers.
Conservatives Will Triumph No Matter What We Do, So Why Waste Precious Votes on Alternatives?
By Wonder Chicken 6/16 3:11pm EDT
Oh, and after last night's leaderhsip debate, I still haven't made a concrete decision who to vote for. I'm leaning towards either the NDP or the Green Party. Or I may not even vote - what's the point if the outcome of my riding is already decided? We all know the Conservatives are going to win here, so why bother wasting your time voting for anyone else? Must work now. Blah.
The Night to End All Nights Ends As It Must, In Bed
By Mypantsfit 6/16 3:05pm EDT
got drunk/krunk tonight. and played super smash bros melee. fun times. hung out with my buddy evan from hs and we had the FUN! guitars, beer, and video games. woot woot. sleep now.
Even Failing Lungs Can't Stop Grandma's Cop Bashing
By TheFuture 6/16 2:51pm EDT
my grandmother has been very sick this year and probably wont make it much longer. i drove up randomly from texas to go see her. on the way to the hospital, my mother and i got lost and then pulled over by the cops. they wrote us a ticket for blowing a stop sign (that i swear was not there) and then riddiculed us as opposed to giving us directions. anyway, my mom and i finally got to the hopsital and greeted my grandmother. she looked terrible, so pale, with tubes coming out of everywhich way. i told her the story of our unfortunate run in with the law...she just shook her head and said "well rachel, thats why people shoot at the police." great sense of humor, that woman.
Journalists May Be Dangerous Predators, but If You're Mean, They Bite Harder
By Amy Phillips 6/16 2:15pm EDT
Elena Lappin, a Moscow-born British journalist, was one of several dozen foreign journalists detained, shackled, searched, interrogated, and eventually deported from the U.S. in the last year. She has no criminal record and has done nothing to mark herself as a threat to our country. She is the wife of an American citizen and mother to an American daughter. Her crime: the terrorist threat of journalism. That's right: she planned to come into this country, see things, talk to people, and then write about it.
Divorcing Parents Didn't Think of Their Kid First, and Now She's Carless
By Whither 6/14 11:02pm EDT
aside from anything else that i think about the whole thing, the one thing that really messes me up is that with my dad living elsewhere, i have no vehicle anymore. because my mom's insurance doesn't allow me to drive her car. which means being pretty stranded in coquitlam, even in evenings. marriage seems like a silly idea for so many reasons.

It's a Girl! Hopefully!
By Mak 6/14 11:36pm EDT
Meet my niece, everyone. Well, let me clarify. Meet my "84% chance that it's a niece". Evidently, the doctors can't prove without a reasonable doubt that it is a girl. One would think they'd have a better grasp on these things, being doctors and all. At any rate, that means there is still a 16% chance that it is a boy with a really tiny penis (which clearly must be something from my brother-in-law's side of the family).

What Happens in Vegas Stays...on Blog
By Jimmy 6/14 11:10pm EDT
Tonight, we walked up and down The Strip. We checked out Bellagio (sweet water-show), New York, New York (Coyote Ugly had some FINE ladies), multiple liquor stores along The Strip, and Jimmy Buffett's Margaritavile (Dad, I got you a nice t-shirt - XXL). The lights went out at 9PM for Reagan. Gay.
Condorcet, I say
By Steve Richardson 6/14 11:05pm EDT
I just subscribed to a new magazine, the Neo Independent, which aims to provide a voice for those of us who do not feel represented by the mainstream political machine. I am certain that my libertarian ideas are at odds with the publisher's populist motivation. However, we have a common enemy - a system rigged for preservation of power in the hands of established parties.
Poetry For Da' Moms
By Cool Beans 6/14 11:01pm EDT
You mustn't feel too hyper when you need to change a diaper, think of it as "Mommy Time" and sing baby a nursery rhyme.
1400s Style Dress Literally to Die For
By Bethel Prescott 6/14 10:58pm EDT
If (when) I finally order this, it is going to cost me upwards of six bills. It will be very worth it. I've been drooling over this outfit for three years now. I think I'll have to put some cash aside with every paycheck. Then I could have it in a year or so....
Showtime's 'American Candidate' Election Almost as Rigged as the Real Thing
By Veritas 6/14 9:22pm EDT
If readers held any doubts as to whether the game was rigged, they need only look at how it's being played. While some of the candidates not eliminated in Cutler's clueless first test � a sham body count � continued onto New Hampshire, one of Cutler's privileged choices did not. When you choose well-known candidates instead of those "from the ranks of ordinary citizens" as Cutler once claimed, it seems scheduling can be a problem.
Debunking the Olive Garden Commercial
By where i sit at 6/11 5:28pm EDT
There is a commercial on TV that absolutely cracks me up. The tag line is, "When you're here, you're family." What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that the next time I host a family reunion or have a relative over for dinner, I can charge them exorbitant prices for "unlimited, soup, salad and breadsticks"? Can I really charge them for a meal? Can I insist that if they are a large party, I can tack on a 15% tip?
Friendship With World's Best Prof Put on Hold for Too Long
By Hex 6/11 1:05pm EDT
I'm sure everyone has a story about the teacher or professor who affected them more than anyone else. I'm sure everyone has that one person who helped turn on the bulb, and push the ship in the right direction. But Rick Straub was more than just an incredible teacher, he was more than just a mentor, or an inspiration.�Rick was my friend. Until one day, when it was too late.
Austin May Have Avenue F, But New York's Got Bleeker St.
By Apartment Therapy 6/11 5:24pm EDT
Looking up, I saw the flowerboxes across the street. The colors on the second floor were so vibrant: dark purple in the center box and light purple in the outer boxes. Then I noticed how every window on the building had a flower box. Out came the camera, and I snapped this photo because, come on, a whole building planting flowers?
Being 'Spiritual, Not Religious' Doesn't Cut it in Malaysia
By raZZbeRRy 6/11 12:45pm EDT
I now realize that one's spirituality and religion will always pose as a problem in conservative little Malaysia. When I was younger I had to put down "Buddhism" as my religion during school registration. Apparently it was always deemed as "wrong" when someone does not have a religion. I remember myself being 16, and for the first time ever, sharing this little secret with one of my closest friends. I told her "I don't actually have a religion." I will never forget the way her face looked that day. She opened her mouth, wanted to gasp but didn't manage to, and then she blinked her eyes three times. "So does this mean you're a free thinker?" she asked.
Three Weeks in Baghdad More Eventful Than Decades of Chatting at the Water Cooler
By Christopher 6/11 11:27am EDT
In that time, in no particular order I witnessed a car bombing next to my hotel, started work for TIME Magazine, watched an interim government unveiled, interviewed a vice president, been mortared more times than I can count, missed two other car bombs by a few minutes, pined for New York and tentatively fell in love with Baghdad. She�s a city that has seen better days, frankly.
Honey, the Drug Dealing, Samurai Sword Fighting Neighbors Are At it Again
By Jordan 6/10 5:50pm EDT
It was indeed the drug dealing neighbor next door who was involved in the fight. We�d been keeping an eye on the house in case anything happened, so I noticed when three suspicious looking guys showed up, parked their car in backwards (my wife mentioned afterwards that should have been a hint), and walked into the place carrying a sheathed samurai sword. Five minutes later I heard some clanging and yelling down there, looked through the window and saw the three new people along with the dealer himself running around in the parking lot, the dealer holding the sword, a fight obviously spilling out from the condo into the parking lot.
PMS Adversely Affects Brain Function, Mood, and Will to Live
By Sunny Cervantes 6/10 5:19pm EDT
Don't even attempt to reason with me today. I am PMS-ing. Unreasonable is my middle name. The pain is indescribable. I just want to die. Now. Immediately. Please. I look as if I had an abortion gone bad. Really. The pain, the blood - talk about the suffering of woman-kind. This is suffering at it's rawest. Like horror flicks, I undergo a monstrous change during the first week of the month. This is karma.
Idealistic New Best Buy Employee Worships Job, Loves Customers and Has Team Spirit
By Jason 6/10 4:57pm EDT
i love my job. i was in charge of changing the prices on some items. i got to use a sticker gun. i love stickers! then i learned how to make labels, and for the rest of the day i was changing prices and talking to customers. i get to look and handle all the cool merchendise, really feel a part of a team, and get fired up about the store and how its doing. today they made us hot dogs. i had, on the company, hot dogs, chips, soda pop and cupcakes. i didnt mind getting up at 04:45 this morning for work. what does that tell you?
Too Bad a Cheap Nunchuck Shot to the Groin Can't Save a Friend's Marriage
By Ninja67 6/10 4:47pm EDT
I found out this past weekend that a good friend is getting divorced. That really stinks. This person doesn't want the divorce but their spouse isn't willing to work to improve the situation. I'm totally bummed about the whole thing. That, on top of all my current deadlines and other personal issues is making this a rotten week. Good news? Well, I got the first and second drafts complete of the new 50 page YMCA Indian Guides Manual that I volunteered to re-write. I guess that's one thing I can mark off my list.
Jesus a Tough Mutha to Please
By Holy Phil 6/10 4:20pm EDT
Well, apart from having some very weird dreams about Satan being a woman, I can't remember if I had a chance to think about my relationship with God and getting to that passion and no compromise stage to my faith. My friend was reading a book called 'To Jerusalem.' He showed me a passage - brace yourself. "'Are you prepared to pay the price for the pearl of heaven?' It means that religion is to be more powerful than every other interest in life. It means that it dominates all your cares about your body and its needs, all your thoughts about the opinions which others hold concerning you, all your plans for spending time, and all your schemes for work or play, for business or pleasure." Even though this was written in 1931, how up-to-date and relevant does this sound? No compromise...Jesus.
Mexico the Perfect Spot for Converting the Damned
By penguini 6/9 2:47pm EDT
One week until I board a plane and fly to Arizona, and then drive for nine hours south of the border. I am so excited to have the chance to devote myself to serving completely for 10 days straight, with no distractions (besides karen...but she's a good one..). I'm really looking forward to having the chance really draw close to the Lord. Pray for the group. Pray for the people we will be serving. Pray for the kids in the VBS. Pray for karen as she leads the VBS. Pray for the personality differences in our group that they would not cause division. So Excited!
High School is Almost Over, and Oh Man, the Memories!
By Lele 6/9 2:43pm EDT
Wow, sadly the end is near and at my grasp...Yet so joyful! Every memory of high school is swarming around in my head, its crazy. I can't even begin to explain how I feel. The only people that can even come close to understanding is if you are graduating also. So many mixed emotions! Laughter, tears, happiness, regrets, joy, peace, fear, impatience, but most of all excitement. This year went sooo fast....Hang in there guys...Just keep telling yourselves that
Calgary United in Loss
By Demoness 6/8 3:08pm EDT
So I am proud of our boys. And sad for them. And I hope they're not too hard on themselves and that they see how wildly incredible they were this year and how they changed the lives of Calgarians everywhere. There is now a generation of little boys and girls dreaming that they are Iginla, Gelinas, Kiprusoff.
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